How does communication help to create value? Can you systematically gear public relations, employee and customer communications toward achieving corporate objectives? Are the effects measurable? What methods, indicators and service providers are available?

This portal has the answers for professional communicators in the industry and agencies – professionally supported and updated by experts from Leipzig University and the "Value Creation through Communication" task force of the German Public Relations Association (Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft, DPRG).


“Taking Measurement Mainstream” – this year’s AMEC Summit

How can measuring and evaluating communication be made relevant and put into practice? That’s a question, communication researchers and ...

Asian-Pacific and European communicators measure on media and channels

Since 2007 the European Communication Monitor is known as the world’s biggest transnational study on strategic communication. In 2015 A ...

Social Media Coding Standards – revised

In 2013, the Conclave on Social Media Measurement came out with general guidelines for measuring social media. The Institute for Public ...

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